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Weirdness with New Discussions

VA_Tiger_Team_AV and KatGirl 32 have both been having this problem: They would make a new discussion and with Tiger Team, it would get a couple down votes then all of a sudden it vanished or got "deleted" for some reason. Tiger Team tried a different discussion and another one but those got deleted too! Then KatGirl32 had hers deleted! And I am scared that this one is going to get deleted for no reason too! If this is a bug or on purpose please let me know and tell me why it was deleted so that KatGirl32, and TigerTeam will know why it happened and to remember that for future discussions. Thank you!

January 17, 2014



Discussions are deleted when they don't pertain to language learning. Take a look at the guidelines and please let me know if you have questions! :) http://www.duolingo.com/guidelines


Thanks so much for replying! I understand now that it is because it didn't meet guidelines. Thanks a bunch! :D


Not a problem :) Keep them in mind for the future!


Oh ok. Thanks!


As I have been telling them, for their own good.

[deactivated user]

    Thanks Bank! I actually only posted one, which was a send out to all moderators, saying sorry for the "Spam" Discussions. But, that one got deleted, and I was confused. I understood that the others Tiger had posted counted as spam, but not mine. :/ Oh well, thanks again! :)

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