"Der Nutzer liest."

Translation:The user reads.

January 24, 2013



What is the difference between Nutzer and Benutzer?

January 24, 2013


There is none.

January 24, 2013


I've heard that "Benutzer" has a connotation of being more general and "Nutzer" has a connotation of being more technical, but that's probably nothing formal.

March 11, 2013


And the developers rejoice.

January 4, 2015


Very clever, Duo, very clever!

July 6, 2017


R at the end of the word should sound similar to how British English sounds compared to American English. Like "playah" instead of "player"

September 17, 2014


I don't really understand the translation behind the word 'Nutzer" i get it, it means user.

But here in the states, If i say he/she is a user. It usually they use/abuse drugs and such.

So what would "Nutzer" mean in German, like if i was a "Nutzer" what does it mean.

March 18, 2014


And here in the States i am a "user" of software programs and to know how to use them i have a "user's guide". This is just one of many possible examples.

March 24, 2014


I really could not hear the R at the end of Nutzer.

July 24, 2014


True. The audio file for this one ist no the best. Had to listen to it three times although i am a native german speaker.

April 24, 2016
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