"Jej mąż źle gotuje."

Translation:Her husband cooks badly.

April 27, 2016

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Her husband is bad at cooking (I know this is inelegant, however shouldnt it be correct?)


Thanks, I've added it to the accepted solutions. Her husband is a bad cook is now also considered to be a correct sollution.


Should be correct, report it.


Thank You. How do I report it?


I think it is possible only when you encounter the sentence another time (probably while strengthening the skill): you try again with your answer, and if it's still considered wrong you click "Report a problem", check 'My answer should be accepted', and copy your answer in the "Explain it here" window.


If you click "My answer should be accepted" You do not need to explain. You only explain, when there is "other" stuff you need to report.


On może spalić wodę. Smutny!


While "spalić" is not wrong in the cooking context (but may sound just too literal, as if your dish burned to ashes), the usual verb for burning food is "przypalić" :) As for "może"... I'd go with "umie", he kinda has 'an ability' to burn even the water. Of course that's sarcastic, but still.

The last word should rather be neuter "Smutne!", because what you mean is rather "(It is) sad!".


I don't believe badly is the proper word here just like goodly wouldn't. Technically, it should be poorly even though it is less common to say. If you're going to be particular about good/well, it only makes sense to be equally particular about bad/poorly.


1) Unlike 'badly', 'goodly' isn't a word.

2) 'Poorly' is accepted here.


Well goodly IS a word, it's just incorrect in that context but from my understand badly is usually used as a feeling adverb or a degree ie. You feel badly about something or you can be badly bruised. However, if you're talking about how someone is doing something, I believe the correct word to use is poorly. I will admit it is quite pedantic on my behalf though.

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