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Get ready for summer - How will you encourage students to learn over break?

We know that students who don’t practice over breaks are more likely to forget what you’ve taught them during the year.

How do you keep your students motivated when they're on vacation?

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April 27, 2016



I pitched Duolingo as an educational system to my school district board, but they claim that it violates No Child Left Behind. I'm stuck. How do I get around this?


The teachers could still give assignments, thank you, though : )


Duolingo is an extra in my middle school classroom. Beyond their Quizlet flashcard sets they are expected to earn 40XP a week. Students that meet this 4 out of 5 weeks earn a sweet treat. I also make it a big factor in my recommendation to Spanish II come high school.

My students keep a 3 ring binder with vocabulary lists and notes from every unit. I encourage them to use it over the summer, as they cannot take their iPads home during break. Day one when they return to 8th grade we have a vocabulary game, seeing who can recall the most from the year before.


Summer assignments are mandatory for honors level students at my school. My entire department is using Duolingo this summer! Depending on the level, students have to average a certain number of points each week. The more advanced the student, the higher number of points. They're also expected to reach a certain level on the tree, depending on level.

A tip: forbid students from testing out of levels. It's just an easy way for them to do an entire lesson without learning anything, because they'll just look up the answers to the test questions in a dictionary or google translate. You can check to see that they didn't test out in their progress in Duolingo Classroom.

Also be sure that they're not just getting their points by doing timed practice on very basic lessons. This should be avoided with the requirement that they reach a certain point on the tree by the start of the school year. I will also check their data in Duolingo Classroom.

My hope is that Duolingo will keep them fresher in their German knowledge by doing some every week, rather than some big project that they'll just do the week before school starts!


¡Guauu! ¡Muchas gracias! Qué maravillosa herramienta. Thank you for sharing myra.


I have spent a great deal of time and effort to teach my students basic phonetics of Spanish. Pronunciation is not difficult, but a student's inhibition to speak out loud takes time to overcome. I wrote sayings and proverbs on the board in Spanish for them to read out loud every class. They are all reading fairly well now. I provided students with a hardbound notebook and had them record basic information. Now, with only two weeks left in the school year, I will go to straight Duolingo time. No more boring lecture and writing drudgery! The dynamic experience of Duolingo will be encouraging to them. I can't use email addresses, though, my school doesn't allow it. Hope this works!


This is a summer assignment I offered for students I would have in 2015-2016. The goals were attainable, boosting motivation. Some of those who participated exceeded the monthly goals. Most students used the website or app on their phones since many don't have computer access at home.

Below is the text from the sheet I gave to students before school let out for summer. Feel free to use or modify this assignment!


I can earn extra credit over the summer?! I can start next school year with bonus points already in my grade?!

Yes, you can! That’s why this is the best summer ever!

Earn the XP in Duolingo according to the chart below, and earn bonus points for the upcoming school year.

9 de junio – 30 de junio 40 XP 2 bonus points 1 de julio – 31 de julio 50 XP 3 bonus points 1 de agosto – primer día de escuela 40 XP 2 bonus points

In order to redeem Duolingo XP for credit, you must be registered in Señora’s Duolingo class.

Added benefits: In addition to earning bonus points, you will keep your Spanish sharp throughout the summer, meaning you will have an advantage over your classmates in the fall!

*Feel free to search for and follow Señora at Sra.McVeagh on Duolingo to receive some messages over the summer!


For schools on a standards based system, bonus points don't work. I wonder if it could be entered into the gradebook under a the ACTFL standards of Communities - Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting - Students show evidence of becoming lifelong learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment.


offer an Extra Credit if you will have same Students or talk to the others Teachers to see if they can do that same.


I think that one of the best thing for people who are learning a new language is to look for phrases which you use in your own language and try to look them up in the learning one.


Watch TV show in original version, read books in original version


you could try this website


i love giving this to my students and they love playing it to.


Danke schön.


Hallo. Icu Harte gerne dautch Mehr learnen. Bitte sagen Sie mir, was muss ich tun,


promise that you will give them lollies if they do it


I like to know more about German language. Plz help me with your comments. Thx a lot


Try this website my students love it and you might to.



Danke schon. Das ist sehr nützlich !!


we can have a game of flash cards


we have puzzles


we can have the game of snakes and ladder that is if someone is correct he /she will go up through ladder and vice versa


For my classes I am just going to keep assigning them homework over summer.

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