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  5. "Co chcesz przeczytać?"

"Co chcesz przeczytać?"

Translation:What do you want to read?

April 28, 2016



Czytać is to read currently in the present, in general, or on a regular basis. Przeczytać is to have read something completely or to entirely read something in the future.


Thank you so much for clarifying it in such a simple way. It's been a journey to learn Polish, but counting on comments like this really helps me out.


holy moly this is hard to pronounce


I cannot imagine how many times I thought that Czech or Polish people must soudn as if they lisped when speaking any other language than their own, particularly Germanic languages. All those (alveolar) fricatives in manifold variants... :D

No offence, though, I really like Slavic languages, as much as I cannot differentiate those fricatives. :'D


"tso h'tsesh pshechytach"

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What's the difference between czytać and przeczytać?


Does this question imply that we're going to read the entire selected text from start to finish? If I expected us to only get through a small portion of the text, then would I use czytać?


I guess that whatever you read, it will be finished... I'd go either with "przeczytać" or "poczytać" (to read for a bit). I'd be kinda surprised with "Co chcesz czytać?", it sounds like "What do you want to be reading?" to me.

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