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  5. "Ta podróż to porażka."

"Ta podróż to porażka."

Translation:This journey is a failure.

April 28, 2016



why is mistake wrong?


Maybe it's just not a translation literal enough, even if the meaning is similar. Actually, maybe not even that similar. "This journey WAS a mistake" would be similar because it turned out that it was a mistake (because we failed), but "This journey IS a mistake" sounds like "we WILL regret it because we WILL fail" said at the beginning of the trip by some sceptic. Or maybe I'm just overthinking as usual. Anyway, mistake = błąd, and porażka is a failure or a defeat (as in sports, for example).

Another, more colloquial translation for the original sentence: "Geeee, this journey sucks", in a proper context (especially kids/teenagers complaining). Especially if you add 'jakaś' to the sentence: Ta podróż to jakaś porażka =='

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Hi Jellei, "This trip sucks" makes sense and sounds like everyday English. "this trip is a failure" makes sense too, but "this trip is a defeat" is something I don't think would be said in English.


True, it won't work here... but to my surprise, it was accepted o.O Deleted now.


I don't hear anything... I tried the fast and slow buttons, but nothing. The other lessons work fine...

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