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"Newspapers and magazines"

Translation:Báo và tạp chí

April 28, 2016



Can you not use các here to make it clear you mean plural?


My only thought is that perhaps using the plural requires the classifier as well?

[deactivated user]

    This is one of the many inconsistencies. Sometimes 'các' is required, sometimes not...


    When I entered "tờ báo và tờ tạp chí" for a translation of Newspapers and Magazines I was corrected with "Báo và tạp chí" with no classifiers. I realize that my answer was incorrect, but I don't understand how the correction I was given can be clearly classified as plural?


    I know this is about classifiers but wouldn't it also be right like: "Những báo và những tạp chí" or "các báo và các tạp chí" if one of the possible translation is without the classifier anyway?


    xin chào các bạn ! Please, what "Tờ" means in "Tờ báo" ? Does it come from "tờ giấy" ?


    "Tờ" in "Tờ báo" has the same meaning with "Tờ" in "Tờ giấy" and "Tờ" means sheet (of paper)

    Ex: Một tờ giấy = A sheet of paper.


    Cám ơn bạn rất nhiều !


    Không có chi ^^


    good question Melarish. Few inconsistencies or our standard is way low to understand the subtleties and appreciate the language nuances


    I also have a problem with both singular and plural being the same. Is this simplified in this primary course???


    The Vietnamese speaker has several different concepts and usages of their plurals compared to the English speaker. I make it sound complicated because I don't know the language. A Vietnamese child uses his language the way Vietnamese is spoken.


    có 's' phía sau mà sao ko phải là số nhiều vậy .please giải thích giúp mình với ạ

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