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Hot-keys for accents ?

Hey guys. I just wanted to know if there is any kind of hot-key to type accents, because in speed tests it's a huge issue if you have to use your mouse... Right now I just don't type them, since Duolingo counts it right, but I want to learn proper typing, and avoid getting my brain used to not use accents. So if anyone knows any way to make them directly on the keyboard please share it here. Thanks.

January 24, 2013



I only know the mac shortcuts, but you can find the PC ones online pretty easily. Just search "special characters PC"

To make an accent on a mac - option + e, then the letter to be accented. To make a tilde - option + n, then the letter to have the tilde.


Well I thought Duolingo had its own hotkeys for that actually. But it's fine, I'll just add the Spanish keyboard and do it the hard way. Thanks for your answer.


The Spanish keyboard, unlike Italian, German or Swedish do not have a key for the special characters. Only the ñ, which is right next to the L. Next to it you get the accent and then you combine with the vowel.

Some people hate it... I can assure it's a matter of getting used.

This said, you can then change your keyboard into Spanish and just type. You can always print a layout for reference.

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