Romanian to German

When can we have Romanian to German on Duolingo?

April 28, 2016


Hi, this is not really a "Troubleshooting" question.

You can up vote the original request for German for Romanian speakers here:

April 28, 2016

More info to help you in the future...

See this short guide about “How to suggest a course” for English speakers. It's pretty much the same for Romanian speakers, just replace "English" with "Romanian" throughout the guide.

Also this excerpt from the Help Center article "How can I suggest a new language course?:

If you want to make a [course] suggestion, we encourage you to visit the forums and making a search for suggestions that have been made in the past, and adding your vote and comments to those existing posts [and thus not creating a new one]. That will make the request more popular and make it stand out more, encouraging more people to add their votes. :)

Note: Texts in between square brackets are additions of mine.

April 28, 2016

I do not know, but Rom. to Eng. is already in the incubator.

April 28, 2016
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