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"I'm going to the pub in the evening."

Translation:Dw i'n mynd i'r dafarn gyda'r nos.

April 28, 2016



Why would mynd am tafarn by wrong?


mynd i... - going/to go to...

mynd am... - fetching/to fetch..., or, going/to go for...

  • mynd am dro - to go for a walk


Why would "noswaith" be wrong?


It is just not really used in the sense of 'in the evening'. gyda'r nos or gyda'r hwyr are the common expressions that people use.


So, is noswaith only used in Noswaith dda? Or is it different in different areas? If i hear 'evening' my mind thinks, 'noswaith'! oh, and how about 'noson'?


Mostly, yes, just in 'Noswaith dda' these days.

A non-specific evening is noson:

  • Un noson, aethon ni i gyngerdd - One evening, we went to a concert.


  • gyda'r nos - in the evening (As in referring to some particular evening, even if not actually identified.)
  • Wedyn, gyda'r nos, aethon ni i gyngerdd - Then, in the evening, we went to a concert.
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