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  5. "Bạn xem đôi giày của tôi."

"Bạn xem đôi giày của tôi."

Translation:You see my pair of shoes.

April 28, 2016



I've been told that xem can be used in place of thấy - to see and also nhìn - to look at. Is this true?


That is kinda true. Xem is very commonly used in North Vietnamese instead of thay or nhin but in general (in the case of seeing) thay is referring to suddenly seeing something and indicates a very short timed action while nhin and xem would last longer.


So..... I can't use xem for "You watch (look after) my shoes while I go swimming"?


No. You would use "coi chừng".


Echoing @schbranigdo: When do you use xem instead of thấy or nhìn or coi?


So, in this sentence, "xem" means "see", but in a previous sentence, I translated "thấy" to "watch" and it was marked wrong (the word they wanted was "see"). So, I'm kind of confused about the "see/watch" words.


It should be nhìn. You look at them. Xem implies you are watching them


xem = look or watch: Toi xem mot cuon phim = I watch a movie. nhin = look at: Toi nhin co ay = I look at her. thay = see: Toi thay mot con chim + I see a bird. nhin thay = see coi = xem; sometimes = read: Toi coi cuon thuc don = I read the menu. Coi is widely used in Southern Vietnam whereas xem is mostly used in Norther Vietnam. coi chung = watch out! or look out! Coi chung, chiec xe lua dang chay toi! Look out, the train is coming!


I'd just like to say here that this section has WAY too many new verbs.

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