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[Suggestion] Ability to see all gender forms of word on hover or possible button?

Ciao! I cannot express how much I enjoy this site and the community here, I don't believe there is a better source with which to begin a journey to learn a foreign language than right here on duolingo! Grazie to all of you.

Today, as I began my lesson on Italian adjectives I found myself constantly wondering (especially with those adjectives ending with "e") what the other gender forms looked like and how they were spelled. Usually these words would reassert themselves later in the lesson, and my curiosity would be quenched... But some I did not see repeated in another form, so I found myself Googling many of the words to seek out all the other forms and spellings.

Perhaps I've missed it, but if not, I think it would be fantastic if when the cursor is hovered over the word the tip would show the other forms of the word, or perhaps a button (similar to the "conjugate" button for the verbs) would appear that would lead to a page that had the additional forms/spellings displayed.

Again, thank you all for the excellent site, help and guidance so far. I really find this site to be of great benefit and only hope to something like this may help to make it even better.


4 years ago