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  5. "The child likes to eat fish."

"The child likes to eat fish."

Translation:Đứa trẻ thích ăn cá.

April 28, 2016



Why isn't a plural marker used here? Can 'cá' be a mass noun in Vietnamese as in English, or when you are talking about things in general, you can omit 'những' or 'các'?

Also, would it be okay to say something like "Chúng tôi là người đàn ông", without the plural markers?


A plural marker isn't necessary because you are talkinf about the noun in general, so I believe your surmise is correct.

Also, you can leave out plural markers for your previous question. Vietnamese is a somewhat lazy language in that you can leave out words like "the" and "a(n)" and still make a coherent sentence.

Hope that helps!


Just out of curiosity, what would be the connotation of dropping "con" before "cá"? Does it sound more informal/relaxed?


Con cá is usually used to say "a fish", whereas dropping it would be fish plural. Hope that helps!


Fish can be both plural and singular in English


I was told you are supposed to add a certain word before the animal to specify its meat but I forgot what the word was. Can someone remind me?

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