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  5. "Ele bebe limonada."

"Ele bebe limonada."

Translation:He drinks lemonade.

January 18, 2014



Is this lemonade, or a soda pop? I know in some cultures lemonade is not really what Americans think of as lemonade


yes, lemonade (juice made of lemon).


Technically lemonade is not juice, lemon juice is not palatable on it own. It needs added water and sugar to make it awesomesauce.


I am brazilian. Here the juice are maked with water and sugar a lot.


Limonada is actually limeade. Lemonade is made from lemons, while limeade is made from limes.


What? We're talking about lemons (limões, the yellow stuff), not limes (limas, the green stuff).


In Brazil, limonada is typically made with limes (limões), which are green. It is not typical to make limonada with lemons (limões siciliano), which are yellow. Lima da Pérsia is another name for lemon, which is yellow.

However, in the United States, limonada is called lemonade when it is made from lemons (yellow), and limeade when it is made from limes (green).


I see - we only use lemons (the yellow variety) in Portugal; I wasn't aware of that discussion. Thanks for the info :)


Aqui limonada é feita com limão, "suco de lima" é feito com lima.


Nos Estados Unidos, "limeade" é feita com limão (verde). Porém, "lemonade" é feita com limão siciliano (amarela). Lime é limão e lemon é limão siciliano. Eles não ensinam isso nas escolas de inglês no Brasil.


pois é...tanto q pra mim lemon sempre foi limão e lime, lima. nunca imaginaria a existência dessa diferença...bom saber!!


Lima is a different fruit. Sweet and bigger than lemons and limes, more like a green orange but not as sweet and the sacks that have the littler juice sacks have a bitter flavor reason for most people opens the -gajo- peeling of the bitter skin to eat the little juice drops


I answered "Lemon Juice" and was incorrect. Bleh


It is understandable tho. Lemonade has sugar and is a drink...lemon juice is used in cooking and stuff.


"It drinks lemonade"? why not? and how to say "It drinks lemonade" ?


Report it if you're giving your dog some of your summer refreshments :)


I usually make lemonade from limes. Is it still considered lemonade?


In fact, the "lemon" most used is what is called "lime" in English ...

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