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  5. "Vâng, cô ấy vẫn khoẻ."

"Vâng, ấy vẫn khoẻ."

Translation:Yes, she is still fine.

April 28, 2016



This should be "khỏe", right? I've seen a couple of "khoẻ"s so far, and I'm reporting them, but I want to make sure it is, in fact, a typo.


For these words, there are two ways to put the tone marks: old and new ways. This course uses the new way, that is the tone marks are put on/under the second vowel in oe, oa and uy (e.g: khoẻ, thuỷ, doạ, etc.). If you use the old way, Duo will show it as a typo.


I see! It's confusing, because my computer changes "khoẻ" to "khỏe" automatically, but my iPhone auto-corrects "khỏe" to "khoẻ" (both use TELEX) . :-P Since there are a lot more google results for "khỏe" than "khoẻ" (and "khoẻ" isn't listed as a word at VDict.com), I assumed it was incorrect. Thanks for the explanation!


You can refer some latest updates of the course here. Hope it could help you.


Alas, I'm using linux (ubuntu), and it does not appear that this version of Unikey has an option for "modern orthography". I think I will have to just survive with typo messages for now.


Can this be translated as "yes, she is still well"


Yes, she is still okay.

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