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"Це будинок номер дев'ятнадцять."

Translation:It is building number nineteen.

April 28, 2016



Другий день не можу пройти цю вправу, система не приймає слово "дев'ятнадцять", при тому, що всі інші голосові вправи проходила з першого разу.


Будь ласка, повідомте про цю помилку в загальному обговоренні "Troubleshooting." Спробуйте також ввести це слово без апострофа.


Numbers have issues for some reason. Even if you literally play the Duolingo's original audio back to it during the speaking exercise, it will not register it. It's something on the deeper level of Duolingo that volunteering contributors/moderators have no influence on; I've notified the Duolingo staff already. It's not only for this exercise, it's a general thing. One person from the Norwegian course commented that they have similar issues.


It worked for the first time today. Did they fix it, or was it a fluke?


i am wondering why not "this is building number nineteen"?


Just checked, this answer is accepted.


Is the Я here reduced to and /i/ sounds like it does in Russian or am I hallucinating? Is there even such a distinctive vowel reduction in Ukrainian like there is Russian? I was under the impression that there wasn't.


Why answer "This is a house number nineteen" was not accepted?


(recovered comments) 1: А почему building без артикля? А что, так можно?

2 sagitta145MOD: In case of numbers e.g. "room number 3" or "building number 9", it's used without an article.

1: Спасибо


У меня клавиатура соскочила нечестноооо


Every time I speak it hears everything right except the numbers which I'm pronouncing correctly. This is pissing me off I'm Ukrainian, from Israel so I speak Russian which means I'm good at this which is why it's pissing me off!!!!!!


I've heard this problem being mentioned several times. As a Duo contributor, I have no access to this part of Duolingo. I don't know how the recording works, and how it later matches the recording to the original sentence and decides whether it's right or wrong, what kind of programming languages they use for this and so on. This is something the Duolingo staff does, not the contributors.

I will try to contact the staff and ask what the bug/glitch could be caused by.

Please remain civil in the comments. Duolingo is a website/software just like any other, it might have bugs or unforseen strange behaviour. Bugs are quite a normal part of life and we have to deal with them at some point.

As a side note, I find it a bit unhealthy that an app makes you so incredibly angry. You might want to analyse your emotional reactions and see if you think they are OK.


Please stop gaslighting the users. This is a serious problem that Duolingo should aknowledge, apologize for, and fix.


Чому нема артикля перед building?


Why there is no article before the word building?

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