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How to celebrate May 28?

We launched the Esperanto Duolingo course for English speakers on May 28, 2015 exactly 372,000 learners and 11 months ago today. How should we celebrate our one year anniversary? :)

April 28, 2016



Hopefully with the release of tree 2.0!


I haven't finished the 1.0 version yet but I think a tree 2.0 would be great.


I wait for the Esperanto in Spanish!


Everyone convince someone else to sign up and try it, double,our numbers.


Has anyone been charting the student numbers(love to see them lol)? Obviously, not everyone is active, or would participate, but couldn't we get 100k more by next month? 500 Facebook shares of a challenge written by the DL page. Seriously 500 is a really low goal. So... whatever. XD


There Are 4000 people alone on the facebook group so 500 should be utterly simple (earlier on the facebook group I suggested we have a social media blitz ) so getting everyone on here to give it a go and share could be massive.


Mi alportos Esperanta bieron! Vi volas?


Eble, speciala lecion en Esperanto!


Mi amas vian bildon cxar mi amas ursojn! :)


Ursoj estas la bonegaj bestoj en la tuta mondo! Rawr.


Lingotbutiklecionoj en la kurso Esperanta!


Kun Esperanto por hispana?


Everyone who has benefited from the Esperanto Duolingo course for English speakers should give back by promoting via social media. Using photos, video, hashtags and English translation, we should all share our experiences with Duolingo while learning Esperanto. I'm up for it !


Are you kidding? They built the course! We're the ones who should be giving back. XD


Multoj kaj multa kuko


Wow, I feel really stupid now. I've been doing this for a year and although I had some breaks early on I've been doing it everyday for awhile and still haven't made it to the last group of skills! Maybe this time next year I will finally be finished with the tree. Things are just getting much more difficult now to continue to remember everything. I still fail the correlatives all the time, still fail the accusative a lot, and still fail most all of the audio only questions. Sigh. Hopefully May 28, 2017 will be much better.


It sounds like you just need to review more often. I've had this same problem in other courses before. If you've been away for quite a long time, you could even reset the tree and take the placement test again. There's no shame in getting a fresh start if that's what you feel you need! I've done it before for other languages before. :)


I learned an example phrase for every correlative by heart, that helped me much. Say for -iel mi lernis frazon „Homo estas kreita por feliĉo kiel birdo por flugado“, por „-iam“ — la sloganon „Esperu ĉiam!“ (mi longe uzis ĝin kiel subskribon en retpoŝtaj mesaĝoj). That helped me much.

Duolingo is great, but sometimes we need other tools as well: including the good old memorization by heart and probably some repetition software like Anki or Memrise.


Malgraŭ la malfrua tempo, mi proponas ke ĉiuj frazoj finfine ricevu voĉojn.


Ho! Mi ne scias, ke la kurso komenciĝis nur unu tagon antaŭ ol mi ekuzis ĝin (kaj antaŭ ol mi eklernis Esperanton). Ŝajnas, laŭ kalkulilo, ke mi festos la 28an de Majo per atingi 365 tagojn de ekzercado en Duolingo nemaltrafitajn.


Mi esperas ke ni havos 400.000,- lernantoj, gxi estus tre mojosa ! Mi pensas ke mi povus lancxi kampanjon kaj ni povus festi. Ni povus krei youtube videofilmetojn kaj alsxuti simila al la dec.15 kampanjo. Lancxu a novan kampanjon kaj montru kion ni lernis, kiel gxi sxangxis nian vivon ktp.


Havas kunvenas sur Duolingo au plani ion en Google Hangouts. (Mi uzis Google Translate tajpi afiŝo - I'm nur niveló 4 en Esperanto. Mi ĝuas ĝin. .

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