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Timer glitch in Timed Practice

My apologies in advance if this has already been discussed (couldn't find anything when I searched). I've had the following situation occur several times:

During timed practice, if two microphone questions come up consecutively (ie: questions in which the user must verbally repeat what's said), then as soon as the second one comes up, I'm granted an obscene amount of time; more specifically, it awards me with over 23 million seconds (about 268 days). Needless to say, this seems to defeat the purpose of the timer, as I believe most users are usually able to complete a regular practice session in fewer than 23 million seconds

Has anyone else encountered this glitch?

January 18, 2014



Hi! This is a known bug :)


My apologies for the clutter then!

Thanks for your response


I sometimes encounter this, I suggest you to restart the timed practice if it happens.

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