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  5. "We read magazines."

"We read magazines."

Translation:Chúng tôi đọc tạp chí.

April 28, 2016



Why doesn't "Chung toi doc nhung tap chi" work? (Yes, I know I don't have the accents)


For most activities in Vietnamese, think of it like "bird watching." It's a type of activities, a type of "watching." You don't make "bird" plural or anything. So it's "đọc sách" = "read book," "đọc báo" = "read newspapers", "đọc thư" = "read letters." They are just different types of reading.

viết thư = write letters
bắt chim = catch birds
hái hoa = pick flowers
nấu cơm = cook dinner (literally cook rice)

If you keep this in mind, your Vietnamese would sound natural pretty fast.


If you want use plural indicators like những and các, you have to use the corresponding classifier for the noun. So you have to say những cuốn/quyển tạp chí. Without the classifier, the sentence will be really awkward.


What is "cuốn/quyển"? Have we learnt them already?


Ohh, thank you.


I forgot "đọc" but I also put down "những" & am curious why it wouldn't work to make "newspapers" plural.


In Vietnamese, plural is not necessary so it can be skipped when the situation is obvious and the listeners are able to understand. Your sentence is grammatically correct but it's not natural.


If it's grammatically correct, why is it marked wrong


So chung toi and chung ta? both the same? whats the deal?

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