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"This cat thinks that it is a duck!"

Translation:Ten kot myśli, że jest kaczką!

April 29, 2016



Why is there a comma in the sentence after "Ten kot myśli" but not in the English translation?


Polish separates clauses by commas so it is natural use of comma in Polish but in English it is not obligatory.


"IT" is used both as a "personal" pronoun and as a demonstrative one. Thus, it is not clear which of the two is being used here.

It would be better if we say "This cat thinks that HE is a duck!"

In Polish, one could say: "Ten kot myśli, że ON jest kaczką"

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How about "Ten kot myśli, że to jest kaczką!" ?


"Ten kot myśli, że to jest kaczka" would work (I just added it). It just means that the cat thinks that [it/this/that] (something that he looks at?) is a duck.

"to jest kaczką" doesn't work.

The Polish sentence means that the cat thinks of itself as a duck. That it has identity issues.


A ta kaczka myśli że jest kotem

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