"Ela faz o jantar."

Translation:She makes dinner.

January 24, 2013

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She makes the dinner is also fine in English, although as Albertyac says we do generally omit it in most contexts.


It may be specific to Brazilian Portuguese, but when I learned fazer in my class, we learned that faz was pronounced as [fais], not [faz].


Yes, everybody says /f - eyes/


Another English dialect one - I suggest "supper" is an acceptable option here.


"She makes dinner" is "Ela faz jantar", isn't it?


In English you normally omit the article with "breakfast, lunch, and dinner". Examples: What did you have for breakfast? Where did you have lunch? She made spaghetti for dinner, not THE breakfast or THE lunch, or THE dinner. However, in Spanish, you CANNOT omit the article. I'm sure it's the same in Portuguese. So that's why we must use "o jantar".


Thanks man, that is why prepares the dinner is correct and also makes dinner


Yeah but literally it means "She makes the dinner"


At any previous lessons Duo forced me to use "the" in that case when Duo used "a/o" and wise versa. Now only in this case i had to disregard "o", although "the" would still make sense. Duo is inconsistent because "She makes the diner" is precise translation!

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