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Click Record and Say:

I've lost too many hearts because the "Click Record and Say" feature hangs. If it can't be fixed there should be a button to click that resets the lesson so we can do it again. Instead we have to click "Skip" and lose a heart :-(

January 18, 2014



When this happens, you can bypass it without losing a heart.

Just click the 'I don't wish to use the microphone' button, and it will move on to the next question without any penalty.

After completing the lesson, you can go back into the settings, and re-enable the microphone, if you still want to use it.


I think we should all submit this to Duolingo support. Exactly the same thing is happening to me


I think the same. I was hoping that this IS the way to submit to support. If there is a better way, we should do that also.


I report it from the lesson page EVERY time it happens.


It seems to happen when I have to translate from a written english phrase to spanish... never if it's already written in spanish and I just have to repeat.

Clicking I don't want to use the microphone is ok, but if it's in the beginning, you're going to miss a whole lesson of the spoken part, which is something I need the most practice with


We also had problems with it. My wife experienced it yesterday (Win7 Desktop) that the mic records, but there is no way to submit and continue, and I had the same problem today on my PC (win 8.1Laptop). It should be repaired or at least give us a button to skip a step without loosing a heart.


I have reported this in the past (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/916420$comment_id=1498086) and it keeps on coming back. Really annoying bug.

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