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Synchronising the web site / iPad / iPhone

How do I sync my apps and the duolingo web site? I have bought some extra lessons (Christmas) and I can see them on my Tree on the web site but not on my apps! Also, while I can see them on the web tree, I cannot seem to start the lessons.

January 18, 2014



Just took a look. You are equipped with the Christmas skill. You need to go into the store and use the lingots you earned to equip yourself with the other bonus skills. Once you do so you will open the skill and be able to do the lessons inside. These bonus skills aren't on the apps yet.


So it is not possible to get just one extra skill? You need to get all three skills before you can use them, is that correct.


You should be able practice them on the website once you've bought them. When I was working my way through the reverse tree I bought them one at a time and was able to use them right away.

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