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Incubator Club

Hello, Duolingo! I have come to create a post that will help those with a common predicament on Duolingo: When you want to contribute to a course, but you do not know the language.* Sadly , this has happened to me loads of times; yet I will help those ( including myself : ) who have faced this. I am making the Incubator club! We are here to cheer on the course contributors, and make them feel like we care, and we know why they are contributing to the course: For the hope of learning another language. Without languages, we would not be able to communicate our hopes and dreams, to show love and sorrow, to share joys and fears and even anger .

*Of course, Course Contributors can also join a club! Just tell me if you are a Contributor. Good 'luck' in the Incubator!

Here are some facts:

: Course contributors take several hours out of their week in order to help others

: They do not always get help from people who could contribute and don't know it

: Sometimes contributors have to stay up late just to make courses for you and me

: And even you can help them!

Here's how: 1) Read this WHOLE post.

2) Contact me on my stream to let me know if you would like to join the Incubator club for a language.

3) Tell me whenever you change your username so that I can find you

4) Keep calm and Duolingo on!

You can sign up free of Lingot payment. I am not asking for any "money"!

Courses in Progress:

Welsh for English stable! Llwyddiant! Hooray!


Ukrainian for English beta


Vietnamese for English Stable!

Hungarian for English beta


Hebrew for English beta

JJPaulo; Blaze; Ace_Mctintosh; ccsdg ;

Greek for English beta

Purpleguy101 ; Ifphigenia ; ccsdg

Czech for English estimated launch date : July 17, 2017

Romanian for English estimated launch date :October30, 2016


Swahili for English December 1, 2016

Hindi for English estimated launch date : January 1, 2016

Klingon for English estimated launch date : December 31, 2016

ShadowMoon101 ; NathanJessen1 ; Ben278939 ; GregLurker113

Korean for English December 31, 2099


Indonesian for English estimated launch date : April 19, 2019

Yiddish for English speakers estimated launch date: July 7, 2018

Courses That Should Be Added :

Farsi for English

; SilverCharacter

Galician for English


Japanese for English :

ShadowMoon101 ; Maria-anime ; RyanOkushi

Latin for English :

ShadowMoon101 ; Blanthor1 ; RBennett ; HistoryCulture ; ccsdg ; AbbyKunze Quenya ( Elvish ) for English :

ShadowMoon101 ; SilverCharacter ; ccsdg

Finnish for English :

Ifphigenia ; SilverCharacter ; ccsdg

Middle English for English :

Hyllning ; HistoryCulture

Arabic for English speakers :

NathanPhoneGuy ; SilverCharacter

Chinese for English Speakers :

gijira ; SilverCharacter

Serbian for English Speakers :

gijira ; SilverCharacter

Credits :

Chinese and Serbian Course suggestions: gijira

Galician course suggestions: AlexioDePena

Middle English Course suggestions: Hyllning

Farsi Course suggestion: LilHoggie

Writing/managing: ShadowMoon101 If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve this post, or if you want to join a language club, then contact me on my stream. If you are signed up for the club, I will contact you on your stream and give you a link for the course; once it is in beta. All club members must start the course for their club language once it is Beta mode.

April 29, 2016



Yeah, it really annoys me when people are like "WHERE IS (WHATEVER LANGUAGE)?!!" They are doing it for free, just so that language learners can experience whatever language it is. I don't know if you were around when Russian was still in the incubator, but it was bad then.


Well, it's rather bad now. "Where's Chinese? Where's Japanese? Where's Finnish?" People, it will come when it comes. Until then...STOP ASKING ABOUT IT. Edit: I love this discussion so much.


Hey, a sizeable chunk of us going "where's Finnish" are offering to contribute to the course... And have been offering this for years.

Of course, picking which languages they feature is Duolingo's prerogative. But they once said they couldn't see enough interest in Finnish here, so that's why those interested in Finnish are now making a lot of noise.


I don't care how many of them have offered to help. Throwing tantrums, which is essentially what it is starting to look like, about Finnish is just annoying. There are the slow Finnish lessons on here, they could offer to help with those instead of acting so entitled about their chosen language.


It may be that your sense of humor differs from that of many of us who would like to see Finnish here. You also don't seem to be aware of (all of) the informal Finnish teaching that is going on here (for example, I have been helping a number of users with little Finnish translation exercises nearly every day for about 6 months or so) , so that horse you're on sure looks a little high.

You may also want to check out the informal but widely referenced polls going back a couple of years which used to be run by krispykracker: Of the 10 or so most requested languages in them, I think that all but Latin and Finnish have been picked by Duolingo by now. So you may call it entitlement, others might call it exasperation.


@WildSage: You advised people to help with the slow Finnish lessons, I informed you that there are also other ways people are helping out with Finnish here, and that your advice is therefore maybe not that apt. That's all. If that's throwing a tantrum in your book, I really can't help with that.


True , starting a riot before contributing is very irrational ... So keeping your cool and asking smoothly about a course is the way to go . So that's why I wrote this ; If people keep spamming about one little course , then the contributors aren't going to get any happier . So we need to calm ourselves down and just be HAPPY that a course is in progress , then we can wait . Happy Duolingo-ing ! : )


My opinion is that some people can and are being generally helpful, and others are 'throwing tantrums', so there is absolutely no need to argue about it.


What tantrum? It seems a really rational argument.


Well, like I said in my post, it is very hard work, contributing to a course. But I do think that if someone posts a relevant, polite, descriptive discussion asking for a course, and tries to help if they can, than it is a rational argument. Otherwise, no.


Well , thanks ! I'm afraid I'm like that too , but not as exaggerated as spamming on purpose and being mean . I understand if you people are EXCITED about new languages , but it's not at all nice to argue in "public".


It's okay to ask when it'll be ready, just cut the creators some slack.


I have a friend who is an alpha tester and I know just HOW much work even that stage takes ..... I think the important thing is to get the message out that new language courses don't just miraculously appear overnight, nor is there a staff team paid to work exclusively on them but that a huge amount of work is undertaken on our behalf by volunteers who still have lives, families and responsibilities outside Duolingo.

I fully support your initiative, you can count me in. :-))


Did you guys know that both French for Spanish speakers and Spanish for French speakers had only TWO course contributors ? They were probably the same people .




Okay . I will do an Arabic club . It is actually already added to the official Incubator .


this shouold not be down voted its a great topic to talk about


Well , if they downvote me , than that's just what they think . If you think I wrote a nice discussion , than good for you . But really , it's nobody's crime to downvote , even if it is a little annoying .

[deactivated user]

    I am thinking about taking Klingon But I am not sure if I should. what do you think


    It is a great idea, Greg! Learning a fantasy language can be fun. : )


    Hello, Duolingo users. Recently people have not been reading the whole post before they ask me questions or tell me they want to join. Please read the WHOLE post before commenting or asking questions. Thank you!


    How about English for English speakers? XD

    • facepalms * Director: Cut!


    Could i join the club for Klingon to English?


    Totally ! But please contact me on my stream next time , please : ) .


    Ah, how was i to know? Oops


    It's okay , no sin , you didn't know : ) But I did mention it in the post * winks *


    I would like for English TBH.

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