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Ella añade que no tiene hermanas.

Translates to She adds that he has no sisters.

What gives me the clue that it is he or she? I put, She adds that she has no sisters. But I was wrong. HELP - ps. I'm loving learning with Duolingo, thanks to you all who work on it.

4 years ago

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"She adds that she has no sisters." is a correct answer.
Perhaps you had something else wrong with your sentence that caused it to be marked wrong? DL isn't always great at identifying why you made a mistakes, but it will give you alternate sentences it thinks will help you.

If you have other Spanish question, please post them to the Spanish forum, and you will have a better change of getting a good response.
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4 years ago

Thank you. If either is correct how does the person know whether you mean he or she?

4 years ago
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Either is correct. In this case there is no way to tell whether it's a he or a she who doesn't have sisters.

4 years ago

ok thanks :)

4 years ago
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