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Partnership with the Khan Academy

The two greatest online learning websites should team up to share techniques and resources!

January 24, 2013



Considering the amount of English speakers who use Khan Academy, I believe that making it available to other people around the world would significantly boost its potential. The same works in the reverse to help Duolingo. I think it's a great idea that should be pursued as soon as possible.


I agree with ntjoseph16. Partnering up with Khan Academy would greatly expand the possibilities of learning. The great thing about these two websites is that they are free, and this opens up learning opportunities for people who cannot afford a tutor or language learning class. If these websites formed a partnership, the possibilities would be endless.


That's a very good idea. I think Salman Khan would like to include language learning in his subjects. It would interesting to see whether this is going to happen.


we could also help translating the subtitles


Salman already has a big team of translators working for him. As far as I can tell, they are doing very well. There is a video about them on the site.


While partnering with Khan Academy, Duolingo should introduce a variety of foreign languages to improve its selection. More languages would mean more learning opportunities. But to really get a grip of some of these languages, such as Chinese, you need to write it out. Similarly, you need to write all of the steps out to get a grip on math. If Khan Academy and Duolingo do end up forming a partnership, they should create a writing input panel in order to improve usability. This would be a great bonus to the outstanding products both of these websites have already created.


There is an incompatibility in that Duolingo is for-profit, while Khan Academy is non-profit. But yes, it would be good for the users.


I've actually wondered about this. Technically, a "non-profit" simply can't have a profit at the end of the year. However, this does not preclude the selling of a service in order to pay salary and support/upgrade infrastructure. Technically, selling a translation service could actually provide the combined entity with the capital needed to improve their services yearly. Just so long as they don't have a profit on hand at the end of the year.


absolutely! and this is the best site for learning french. i wish you would have arabic and english too. there is a large audience for people who want to learn english


Also, there is so much English content online that needs to be translated into different languages. The problem is a new curriculum would need to be created for every language that people are learning English from!


I requested this at Khan Academy. View it here: http://code.google.com/p/khanacademy/issues/detail?id=17334 (star it and it will be seen by more people)


Yes, they should do that. I am a big fan of both!

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