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  5. "Для кого вам нужно платье?"

"Для кого вам нужно платье?"

Translation:Who do you need a dress for?

April 29, 2016



Strictly speaking, it should be "Whom do you need a dress for?"


For who do you need a dress should be accepted..


wow it would be great for these phrases to have a line on each comment showing how the sentence is parsed (if that is the correct word) - like how different words take, genitive, accusative nominative etc. For me that would be sooooooo interesting. Oh and for an aside .... when I saw this particular exercise, I had visions of a huge hairy legged scottish bloke with a sword swinging from his side answering in a broard Scottish accent--- "for me lassie, for me" )))


This is incorrect English. "For whom do you need a dress?" is correct. A preposition is not a good word to end a sentence with. :o)


I know that both "who" and "whom" are accepted in this exercise, but I do wish that the default listed translation used the correct "whom" instead of "who".

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