Hungarian is Coming!

I, like many users, am super hyped about the upcoming Hungarian for English speakers course, and I am amazed at the progress made by the team. If you have advice to us soon to be learners, stories, comments, etc. or tips and resources that may be of use to us once the course is released, it would be wonderful. Thank You all so much, and I hope you are as Excited as I am for this new course!

A special thanks goes out to AndrsBrny for keeping us up to date on information, and the rest of the Hungarian team for putting in so much effort, which I assure you, will not go to waste!

To all of you, like myself, who have been waiting, (for however long) for the release, let's hang in there just a little longer, I'm sure the patience is greatly appreciated by the amazing Hungarian team!

April 30, 2016

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This course release is going to be epic.

April 30, 2016
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