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"Tôi muốn trở thành một người tử tế nhưng họ không cho phép tôi."

Translation:I want to be a kind person but they do not allow me.

April 30, 2016



“They don’t let me” works here but “They don’t allow me” cries out for an infinitive (or at least “They don’t allow me to”). The best would be “They do not allow me to do so”.


Trờ thành why not "want to become" which is my understanding of the phrase


Why is "won't allow me" not acceptable? The meaning is essentially identical, and it's far more natural (which is why I keep getting it wrong unless I remember the less natural construction).


I want to become a kind person but they will not allow me -- marked wrong. I think it should be accepted.


Chí phèo :v


Why is this 'không cho phép tôi' when in this exercise:


"I want to resign but my father does not allow me." Translation:Tôi muốn từ chức nhưng bố của tôi không cho phép.

If you put in 'cho phép tôi' at the end here you're zapped?

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