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  5. "Bạn là một bé gái."

"Bạn một gái."

Translation:You are a little girl.

April 30, 2016



Why does 'bé' stand in front? It is an adjective and adjectives follow the main word in Vietnamese. So in the word 'cậu bé' 'bé' stands after, but this word 'bé gái' looks like an exception.


In "cậu bé", "bé" is not really an adjective. "Cậu bé" is a noun means boy. If you remove the "bé", it'd become a different word. Also, "bé gái" is a noun means girl. In Vietnamese, an adjective always follows a noun. There's no exception. "Little" is not necessary in this case because a boy is already little


I type " you are a little girl" but its wrong


In real Vietnamese the bạn pronoun can only be used for people to your age (or people you don't know like the audience of a video).

So, the funny thing is that this sentence should be spoke by another little girl.


Ai biết nói tiếng việt không, tôi ở Việt Nam và tôi là người việt nam, tôi biết nói tiếng việt(who knows how to speak VietNamese? I live in VietNam and I am VietNam. I can speak VietNamese!


;; The pronunciations always seem to mess me up!


Why "a girl" is wrong


"ban" is so contextual. with what certainty is it always "you". It can refer to mutual pronouns depending on the context.


In English at which age range must I refer to a female human as "little girl"?


Be gai is sometimes translated as girl and sometimes little girl - within the same cotext. I am confused.


I am not a little girl.


Xin chào mọi người học tiếng việt dễ nhỉ vèo cái là xong còn mọi người thì sao


Thankyou ma'am L.Divith work is the first of you to http has a heart

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