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  5. "Mèo và chó là động vật."

"Mèo chó động vật."

Translation:Cats and dogs are animals.

April 30, 2016



As a general statement that both species are animals, English requires either the plural (Cats and dogs are animals) or the definite article with both nouns (The cat and the dog are animals). "Cat and Dog are animals " would seem to refer to a specific pair of animals named or called "Cat" and "Dog". "The cat and dog are animals " would most likely refer to a specific pair of animals. It could conceivably be a generic statement with the article intended to apply to both nouns, but that would only be clear from context. In any case, Duolingo's consistency with its use of the English definite article doesn't determine what is or isn't idiomatic in English. I suspect, but do not know, that the usual English for what the sentence means is "Cats and dogs are animals. "


The sentence is simply stating "Cat and dog are animals." There is nothing wrong with this sentence. There is a cat plus a dog. Therefore you would say are.


In English we use articles for singular common nouns. There is nothing wrong with the Vietnamese but, unless you make "Cat" and "Dog" the proper names of the beasts in question, you have either to use "the" or pluralize the nouns.


Yoi said "a" cat and "a" dog. Follow the sentence in question, you should say there is cat and dog. The correct ways would be there is Cat and Dog (pronouns), there is the cat and dog, or there is a cat and dog


"Cats and dogs are animals" is the best correct answer, but at the same time we should give the Duolingo volunteers who produce these courses some leeway. They are native speakers of a language that doesn't pluralize in the same way that English does, and we native speakers of English should be aware of how challenging our system can be for them. Let's offer our considerate opinions that it could be brushed up and be grateful that we're helping each other to keep on improving our second+ language(s). (^-^)v


I entered cats and dogs are animals and was judged correct. So yeah, chill fellas.


Except the duolingo volunteer that created the vietnamese course knows nothing of the language


I said The cat and dog are animals. Should that not work as well?


Duolingo is quite consistent with article. Whether you add article "the" to both cat and dog, or you don't add to either one.


Although in this instance I think the English sentence is unnatural without "the" somewhere in the sentence.


Duo's consistency with its use of English articles does not equate to correctness in the use of English articles. There are aspects of Duo's use of English articles that are consistently wrong, e. g., the use of "the" with abstract, uncountable nouns.

What irritates native English speakers is not that Duo gets English articles wrong. It is that Duo often rejects the correct usage.


It doesn't matter whether Duo Lingo is consistent or not. English is English and is not determined by Vietnamese grammar. Strictly speaking, Vietnamese has no noun declension and no definite or indefinite articles. Arguably, it has no plural in the sense that declined languages do. In translation what matters is the meaning rather than the form or structure.


It works if "the" is put in front of both...The cat and the dog are animals. Con mèo và con chó là động vật.


Should there be a nhung before dong vat since it is plural?


The TIPS for this (animal) section seem to suggest you wouldn't use a classifier since you are referring to these animals as a whole.


Needs the definite articles


I typed it in the way that it is in the program but I strongly disagree with the wording of the sentence. In English you would normally say cats and dogs are animals. The pluralrality would continue throughout the entire sentence.


Thanks all teacher.

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