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Ĉu iu havas liston de retpaĝaroj, ke havas Esperanto tradukojn?

Mi pardonpetas pri la malbonan Esperanto en la titolo. Mi ne scias, ĉu estas ĝusta.

I was wondering if anyone has a list of websites with an Esperanto version? I want to practice reading something like a major news site in Esperanto if possible, but I'm not sure how widespread Esperanto versions of websites are.

April 30, 2016



La titolo devus esti: "Ĉu iu havas liston de retpaĝaroj, kiuj havas Esperanto-tradukojn?"


Mi kredas ke la titolo estas bona

vikipedio tradukas al esperanto https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikipedio http://esperanto.org.uk/eab/index-eo.htm


Are you looking for bilingual web sites or just something with a variety of articles? Are you looking specifically for world news? There are tons of web pages in Esperanto. It might be helpful to know exactly what you're looking for.


Bilingual sites mostly, but primarily places to read about stuff in Esperanto that isn't talking about Esperanto. I might just not be looking in the right place but it feels like all I can find that's not Wikipedia are talking about Esperanto itself.


If it's news type stuff, I'm thinking El Popola Cxinio may be of interest. There's certainly lots of literature too. As you have noticed, there's a lot ABOUT Esperanto too. It's the one topic that binds all Esperanto speakers.


Cxi tiu cxinio Novajxo servo estas en la Esperanta lingvo. http://esperanto.cri.cn/

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