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"A mala da minha irmã é grande."

Translation:My sister's suitcase is big.

January 18, 2014



There are different sizes of suitcases. If you would want to emphasize that your sister's suitcase/bag is really big/large then we would say, "My sister's suitcase/bag is huge.


Grande usually means big or large. To say huge would be something like "A mala da minha irmã é enorme/gigante/muito grande". :]


It marked it wrong when I answered "My sister's luggage is big." I think this should be correct as well. We often in America say luggage instead of suitcase, but use both interchangeably


I use "luggage" only if there is more than one piece.


My family and friends call it luggage whether one or many, but this might be misuse that has become more common. I see from older definitions that luggage used to refer to bags that were empty - the luggage bags themselves, and baggage was when they are full of the packed belongings, interestingly, this would make a "suitcase" even more similar to "luggage." I know not everyone says things the same and even in America we have numerous regions of the country that have their own jargon, but,I think "luggage" is pretty commonly used interchangeably now and should be accepted as well.


My sister has a lot of luggage (not big). The suitcase is big is imo the only correct translation, not luggage..


Would brazilian people really tallk that fast? At normal speed irma for me was only hearable when I specifically listened for it. And even then it's almost sucked up between the other words.


does mala als mean box


No. Mala is suitcase and box is caixa.


Why is "my sister's suitcase is heavy" wrong? I thought "grande" was also heavy?

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