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  5. "Cái đèn pin"

"Cái đèn pin"

Translation:The torch

April 30, 2016



This is a flash light, yes? Torch in the British sense?

April 30, 2016


Yes. And both "torch" and "flash light" are accepted.

May 1, 2016


Yep, a flashlight. I think the Vietnamese team consists of members all over the world. This is a reflect of that.

April 30, 2016


The 'torch' answer actually came about as a consequence of learner feedback. People were outraged that 'torch' was scored incorrect. It is indeed a much more beautiful word than 'flashlight'. I appreciate that the Vietnamese team recognise that a lot of us don't use American English.

August 23, 2016


I actually think flashlight would be a better default translation to avoid confusion, since torch also means burning fire on a stick that is held upright, which is surely a different word in Vietnamese

September 6, 2016


'Flashlight' doesn't work in Australia. You'll sound like a tool.

September 10, 2016


I guess in the same way we vary our accent and vocabulary depending on whether we're in north or south Vietnam, learners of English will vary their accent and vocabulary depending on whether they're in the Americas or the rest of the English speaking world.

September 7, 2016


Of course, and that's why Duo accepts both versions of English. By default it teaches American English though so I'm confused why the default translation is torch rather than flashlight, especially as flashlight works in both but torch is British only. I never said torch should not be accepted if that's what you think I was saying :)

September 8, 2016


Now it marked 'flashlight' wrong.

December 18, 2018


Every time I want a light on my phone I search for 'torch' in the apps, then have to stop and think "what is that American word for torch again?" before I remember 'flashlight' and look for that in my apps. I'm pleased they are both accepted!

October 26, 2016


I answered "the flashlight" and was scored incorrectly, but "a flashlight" worked. That seems inconsistent with other exercises, since cái has typically not meant "a" except in the presence of một, right?

June 2, 2018


Duo is not entirely consistent about wanting "the" when a classifier is used in Vietnamese but generally that is what they want. As a rule for translating it fails against English idiom at times and it often fails, as English usage, when the word in question is not the subject of the sentence. Some of the sentences in these exercises are so unlikely ever to be said that I often wonder whether the Duo translations are actually what the Vietnamese means or just bad translations.

June 2, 2018


My smartphone didn't offer "flashlight" as an option. That could throw an American into confusion.

February 14, 2017


I agree with Melarish that "flashlight" is a better translation because "torch" can have 2 meanings.

October 4, 2016


Flashlight wasn't offered as an option. If the exercise is picking from a group of potential words, both should be offered.

April 2, 2017


Would it be accepted to say " battery torch ", in English? (I'm not a native ) That would make it clearer, also I think "pin" comes from the french "pile" (battery), so can we add that word as the adjective (as in "a green/broken/vietnamese torch") ?

August 16, 2017


Brits say "torch" and Americans say "flashlight". Having lived in the U. K., my impression is that the English are more likely to understand "flashlight" than my fellow Americans to understand "touch."

August 16, 2017


The literal translation would be "battery light"

September 9, 2017
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