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Translating Vital International Development Pages?

How can we get the wiki of life changing sustainable solutions, http://www.appropedia.org, translated into more languages through Duolingo? The thousands of pages contain unique vital information in the creative commons and has been edited over 200 thousand times.

June 9, 2012



Maybe DuoLingo's sitecrawler could update the page periodically (once a week, maybe) and then our translators would get busy translating what has changed... I had never heard of this site before hand, but it seems groundbreaking enough.


Thanks Mikeydee! Is there a next step to make that happen? (PS Nice mandelbrot set)


As a side note, there have been peer reviewed journal articles about translating appropedia content for greater purpose and impact, e.g.http://mtu.academia.edu/JoshuaPearce/Papers/1570007/Foreign_Languages_and_the_Environment_A_Collaborative_Instructional_Project.

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