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Hitting the wall.

Can the more experienced help with strategies for becoming more successful using this site? I found that I raced ahead to a point (I was doing so well) and now I can no longer get through a lesson without loosing all my hearts and getting sent to the principal's office. Is it a matter of picking up grammar books on my own before coming back? Is there a middle ground? Can I scale this peak with a sideways strategy rather than going straight up?

January 24, 2013



Try writing the words on index cards or in a notebook with the translation on the other side. Sometimes just writing down the words will help drill it into you.

When you pass this hard set of lessons, you may find that you'll move along at a nice clip again. I had a terrible time with conjunctions and now that I've moved to Adjectives 2, my old pace is back.


Try doing a lot of practice. When it gets too easy start lessons again.


Thanks, I may also get out my ratty old grammar to make sense of what I'm seeing here. All your ideas are greatly appreciated.

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