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Unable to Access Astronomy Unit

Hello, the other units on the same tier as the Astronomy unit are working fine. However, the Astronomy unit cannot be accessed. Thank you for your attention to this matter. :)

May 1, 2016



Hi Knoxienne! I had the same problem, but now it is fixed for me and I have completed the four lessons. When I had the problem I tried to enter the link on the navigator adding the number 1. (I am using Chrome in the computer and also in Android)


After that, I had to change the last number and I could pass the unit doing only three lessons and I could access all the next skills, but without completing Astronomy is not possible completing the course to conquer the owl. I have received the owl when I had the access to the fourth lesson. I hope this can be solved soon for all the students of the Vietnamese course!


Thank you! I think this is going to work!


I submitted a bug ticket regarding this issue a week ago. Duolingo should be fixing it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Excellent! I didn't expect anything to happen on a Sunday, but after the kind gentleman helped me out with the tip he had, I began to see improvement, and then the trees started opening up after I started doing some more lessons. I appreciate your feedback. :)


i can't access this lesson either and I've been checking it everyday to see if it's fixed :D


You are the second person to complain about this problem.


Okay, it's better now. I can open up the other units. Thank you ! :)


Now it shows that I've completed Astronomy (with points and lingots) and it shows up on my feed as complete, but the consecutive lesson display within the unit shows an uncompleted fourth unit and I still can't move on to the units beside it, which I normally would be able to on one of Duo's trees. UGH


I have the same problem. It shows I have completed Astronomy but I still can't open the following units.

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