"Huden er ren."

Translation:The skin is clean.

May 1, 2016



it puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again


Shouldn't "my skin is clean" be accepted here? I know the literal translation is "the skin is clean," but with body parts (e.g. ansikt), isn't the "my" part implied when you use the definite form?

E.g. whose skin would you be talking about if not your own?


I came here to ask this. It's a bit disappointing to see nobody in 3 years has yet offered any insight.


In english we also have an expression "clear skin" meaning free from blemishes. I take it this is talking more about skin that is clean, like washed, or not dirty?


I added an "n" when reading and got a clean dog....seemed reasonable as the dog has been "quite dirty" in these exercises. Need to pay attention! 07Jul17


Det ta på seg kremen på huden


Who else wrote "the dog is clean"...


The skin is clean it can now be preserved and sewn into a pair of cozy pajamas !!!


Could it also be my skin is clean?

[deactivated user]

    Is this another way of saying, I've taken a shower/bath.?

    [deactivated user]

      Is this another way of saying, Ive taken a shower/bath. ?

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