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  5. "Nông trại động vật"

"Nông trại động vật"

Translation:Animal farm

May 1, 2016



As in the book as well?


It's definitely the book. In real life, we just say nông trại. Nông = agriculture, and that should encompass animals.


Same in English. We don't say "animal farm" to distinguish from a farm that just grows crops. Or at least not generally. Maybe farmers have their own more specific terminology most of us don't use.

Update: The farms I'm used to typically specialize in one kind of animal and in that case we do indeed have cattle farms, dairy farms, sheep farms, and pig farms. Farms that have more than one type of animals tend to be small farms that also have some crops and I'm not sure what we'd normally call those if we had to qualify them.


I had the same hunch.


Wikipedia has Orwell's work listed as "Trại súc vật."


♪ Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland, beasts of every land and clime... ♪


Farm animals ??? Is this also a possible answer


Also if it is the book more Capital letters are needed in both languages. Animal Farm by Gẻoge Ơrwell


If it's sthe book title the Vietnamese has lost the nuance implied by the word order in English. I guessed it wrongly apparently as Farm animals.


Why is this not "farm animal"? Seems to me that we have two nouns placed next to one another. I cannot see why "động vật" is being treated as if it were an adjective.


In Vietnamese, attributive modifiers always follow the main noun. This means that in this sentence, "nông trại" is the main noun and "động vật" qualifies it.

In English it's the other way around: attributes precede the main noun. So, since "farm" must be the main noun and "animal" its attribute, "animal farm" is the correct order.

Also please note that, while English doesn't allow nouns to be attributes (in fact "animal" in this case is an adjective), in Vietnamese this is quite normal and "động vật" is indeed a noun, even when used as a modifier.


I get this wrong every time. It is counter intuitive

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