50 Examples of the Dative Case in the Film Irony of Fate

Hi Russian learners,

I put together 50 Dative Case examples categorised by specific use, with video, translation, nominative-dative pair, additional notes and an exercise-test!

All taken from the greatest Russian film - The Irony of Fate.

Read and watch here.

Best, Angelos

May 1, 2016



Where do you find transcripts of the movies?

And if you do know, where can I find movies with Russian Subtitles? I have found that helps me connect sounds with what the sounds should be.



May 6, 2016

Hey Wayne, is a good website with transcripts. Try also and

May 7, 2016

Hi Angelogeorgakis and Wayne, Yandex browser steered me to it!

May 7, 2016

Thank you!

May 10, 2016

Thank you! I used opensubtitles and built a vocab list. I will post the 250 vocab list soon. The 220 to 250 most frequent words are 60% of the total word count.


May 10, 2016
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