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A few Welsh words...

Hello everyone :-) I was just wondering how you'd say "I think that" in Welsh? I know that google translate is unreliable, but it says "credaf fod"... is that right? I was also wondering about words like "However" and "occasionally" in Welsh. :-)

May 1, 2016



Hmm, "Credaf fod" would be more "I believe that." "I think that" would be "Dw i'n meddwl/feddwl bod/fod/mod" i.e "Dw i'n meddwl (fy) mod i'n dda am chwarae pel droed." (I think that I am good at playing football). For occasionally I would say "Weithiau", but that might be more likely to be translated as "sometimes" ("Weithiau dw i'n mynd i'r siop" - "Sometimes/Occasionally I go to the shop"). I had to look up "However" on app geiriaduron (available on the IOS store but not on android) since I wasn't certain how you'd say it (1), and it gave me "Er hynny", "Pa fodd bynnag" and "Sut bynnag". For me "Er hynny" is more "despite that" (e.g "Roedd beca yn pwdu ond er hynny cawsom ni ddydd da" - "Beca was sulking, but despite that we had a good day"). I'm not familiar with "Pa fodd bynnag", but "Sut bynnag" is basically a direct translation of "However" though I've never seen it used myself (i.e "Sut"-"How" and "bynnag"-"ever" from phrases such as "Beth/fodd bynnag"-"Whatever", "Pryd bynnag"-"Whenever").
(1) I would probably have gone with "ond"-"but" (e.g "Mae beca'n dweud bod hi'n oer tu allan, ond dywedodd y newyddion basai hi'n gynnes" - "Beca says that it is cold outside, but/however the news said that it would be warm).


This is really helpful. Thank you! :-)


credaf... is the formal form of dw i'n credu... and also bydda i'n credu... (a combined future and present tense, or 'non-past'). This is where googletranslate can let you down - ignore the formal forms at the moment or you will get mixed up!

With 'however' and 'occasionally' it depends what you mean - there is no real one-to-one equivalent for either, as EllisV points out. If you hunt around in http://mymemory.translated.net you should find some examples in context, although they may be in amongst samples of more formal Welsh.

Edit: some variations depending on the context:

  • Sometimes - weithiau, ambell waith, ...
  • From time to time - o bryd i'w gilydd, o dro i dro, bob hyn a hyn...
  • Occasionally - sawl gwaith, ambell waith, ambell dro, ar adegau, ...
  • However - sut bynnag, fodd bynnag, p'un bynnag, ...
  • Anyway, whatever - 'ta beth, 'ta waeth, beth bynnag, p'un bynnag, ...


Thank you as well for your help :-)


As well as all the other perfect answers given, what about other ways to say occasionally, such as the Welsh equivalents of the english now and again, or less often etc, etc etc. e.g. Nawr ac eto (nawr a tro arall/phryd arall??) or yn llai aml. Sometimes, these may be plenty of flexible alternative ways for us non-native Welsh speakers to construct variations?

The word however in English means a lot of different things - Whatever and however are often interchangeable in speech and "ta beth" and "beth bynnag" are my favourites of the suggestions mentioned already for that one.

If by however, you want to say something like - "although, even though or despite that etc", then there are loads of ways to say that sort of thing - er bod; serch hynny. And for however - meaning "but if", then back to "Ond" followed by things like os etc etc.


Hmm I've never heard "nawr ac eto" did you just translate it directly from English? The idiom I know for "now and again" is "pob hyn a hyn".



You are right - I have heard nawr ac eto and it is out there, but hardly ever, much like the more correct pob hyn a hyn, which I have only heard now and again (!). I've heard nawr ac yn y man a lot more and forgot that one. I did a quick google and found some useage of nawr ac eto, but very little usage:

Diolch Sioni! Rwy'n hoffi gwyddbwyll nawr ac eto. :D (Thank you Sioni. I like chess now and again.) http://www.forumwales.com/fwforum/viewtopic.php?f=32t=1464

Everyone will know what you mean, won't they, but I shouldn't have picked that one, when there are so many better ones, which aren't literal translations.

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