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"Anh ấy mua một cái đồng hồ. Tuy nhiên, anh ấy không dùng nó."

Translation:He buys a watch. However, he does not use it.

May 1, 2016



The lesson notes say tuy nhiên is although or though. So, why am I marked wrong when I translate it as though?


in English, this is a compound sentence: He buys a watch; however, he does not use it. I don't know if I got marked for using the correct English punctuation, or because I said "doesn't" instead of did not. Either way, it should be correct.


Duolingo's correction algorithm ignores punctuation so it won't be that.


Do "tuy" and "tuy nhiên" mean the same thing? Is there a difference in how I might use them?


You can use "tuy" as "although" and "tuy nhiên" as "however".


As per the lesson notes, 'tuy nhiên' should be although/though, and it's a bit confusing that it can't be translated as 'but' in other sentences.


Sound just like me


Marked wrong for 'even so', instead of 'however'. 'Even so' is synonymous with 'however' as well as 'nevertheless'.

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