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Finally finished the Polish skill tree! What should my nest step be?

Hi everyone, this post is to ask you all for advice on what should I do now that I finished the Polish skill tree. :D

Before I started this course I knew nothing about Polish or other slavic language so you can tell this was very difficult for me. Hahàha. It's been an amazing journey and I look forward to continue learning everything about this beautiful language to the point of fluency. I fell in love with Polish. _

If you have any advice on where I should start next I would be very happy to read it. :)

Happy learning everyone!

May 1, 2016



Maybe playing on www.clozemaster.com for a while?


Thanks so much for this suggestion. It's fantastic!


Oh my god! Thank you I f** loved it! I'm going to spend way much time playing this one. :D


Gratulacje! :D Łap Lingota! :D Hm, no nie wiem co dalej XD A jaki język cię interesuje/podoba ci się?


Dziękuję! Niemiecki podoba mi się bardzo ale chcę też mówić po ukraińsku. :D (?)(I Don't know if i wrote it right xp )


It’s correct. It’s awesome you got the language. Ukrainian is quite simmilar to Polish, except the script. And you should find some contact with the language (someone to talk? books to read? movies to watch? travel to Poland?)

Here you have some free literature: https://wolnelektury.pl/


OH thanks this will be very useful. Here, have some lingots. :D


WOW! Good job on finishing your Polish tree, I still have a long way to go before I finish my Polish tree but I know that I will do it because I think that polish is an amazing language with so much history, pero es una lengua dura! good luck with continuing to learn Polish. :)


Start watching Polish television. Try <player.pl> . Lots of stuff there to watch. :)


Congratulations! One thing I am doing is watching all the episodes of "Uczmy się polskiego" on YouTube. That is a video course that is completely in Polish. I recommend the PONS dictionary with that <http://pl.pons.com>.


I have just learned that you can find places to download the "Uczmy się polskiego" textbook in PDF format. Oh, and now it seems that the first part of the course (episodes 1-15), including the book, is still available for purchase at poltax.waw.pl. I think i'll be buying that!


Congrats! It's encouraging to hear a non-previously-exposed person finish the tree... I've been at it since day 1, and Past Perfect is still kicking my butt. Any words of wisdom for those still struggling?


I can just say that you have to keep going on learning the vocabulary and since the course lacks full grammatical explanations i recomend you to search on the internet those topics (such as past perfect and its uses). Good luck with your learning! :)


In my opinion, you should work on a language that you haven't started/made much progress in. It's always fun to plunge into a new language and start learning it :)


Yes! That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to get a trophy on every single Duolingo course for english speakers plus Catalan in the Spanish courses. I'm also waiting for Hebrew, Hungarian and Greek. :o


what is your motter language?


My mother language is Spanish (central Mexico dialect). :D yours?


¡Felicidades por haber cumplido el curso de polaco!

Aunque el polaco es mi idioma nativo, me doy cuenta de que es bien complicado! :) Si tienes cualquier duda en polaco, me puedes preguntar en inglés o español :).

Si algo no te suena natural en este mensaje, por favor, dime :) así me vas a ayudar muchísimo! ¡Gracias


¡Tu español es perfecto! Al menos por lo que puedo leer en este mensaje. :D Y sí, la verdad es que se me hace súper complicado el polaco, sobre todo los casos y las declinaciones pero con más práctica lo dominaré. >:) Es bellísimo tu idioma. :3 Muchas gracias, te daré follow para preguntarte por cualquier duda que yo tenga.

¡Gracias a ti por la ayuda! :)


¡Gracias! Uno de mis mejores amigos es español y por lo tanto tengo muchas oportunidades de practicarlo :). Síp, los casos y las declinaciones a veces son difíciles incluso para nosotros :D. No me cabe duda de que lo dominarás todo y siempre me puedes preguntar, cierto, estaré muy contento de poder ayudar! :). Me alegro de que te suene bellísimo el polaco! En mi experiencia, si un idioma me gusta, lo puedo aprender mucho más rápido pues esto seguramente te ayudará.

Ahora, yo te sigo también :) Si se te ocurre cualquier duda, dime. Intentaré ayudar!

¡Muchas gracias por los lingots! :)

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