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"Die Tiere sehen sich selber im Wasser."

Translation:The animals see themselves in the water.

January 19, 2014



Can somebody explain me the use of "sich" followed by "selber"? I thought one must use one or the other, but it seems that both must be used together


Well for those who speak spanish it is easier...

"Die Tiere sehen sich selber im Wasser." - Los animales se ven a ellos mismos en el agua.

"Die Tiere sehen sich im Wasser." - Los animales se ven en el agua.

The thing I want to explain is that "selber" here is used to emphasise the word "themselves"


I'm pretty sure it means each animal sees itself, but isn't looking at the reflections of the others.


Not a native speaker, but I think it's for emphasis that they see themselves and not others, but I would be interested to hear from a native speaker if this is a good assumption


I guess it's trying to say "The animals themselves see themselves in the water"


or maybe "The animals see themselves for themselves in the water"


Ha ha yea me too wondering


Basically yes, The animals (by themselves) see themselves in the water


"By themselves" is not a good interpretation. That would mean the animals see themselves without help, whereas the German sentence says they see themselves as opposed to seeing something else.


Agreed. Would love to know if there is a sentence construction rule that applies here...


Ditto. Can any native speakers weigh in here?


Why do you need sich AND selber?


What's the difference between selber vs selbst?


The "in the water" part doesn't sound natural. Is it just me?


"In the water" sounds like normal English to me. You could say, "The animals see themselves in water" I suppose, but only in the context of, say, a scientific discussion about whether animals are ABLE to see reflections of themselves.


It sounds off to me also. I would say "in the lake' or 'in the river' but I wouldn't say 'in the water' unless there was a specific body of water referenced somewhere earlier.


"The animals look at themselves in the water" is incorrect?


I suppose it would be fine if it were "Die Tieren sehen sich in das Wasser" (selben could be omitted) correct me if I am wrong. Sehen sich = see themselves


Two errors in your proposed sentence. The plural of "das Tier" is "die Tiere" (not Tieren). Also, the preposition "in" requires dative here (dem, not the accusative das). So "Die Tiere sehen sich im (= in dem) Wasser" is correct, and is accepted.


Ok, unless you are proficient, how do you know if the speaker is saying "im" or "in". Our teachers seem to think we will understand them and drop word endings. DICTION is important in teaching.

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