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  5. "Et nei er et nei."

"Et nei er et nei."

Translation:A no is a no.

May 1, 2016



is this sentence supposed to mean "no means no"?


That's also an accepted solution :)


What about nei betyr nei


That works as well.


In english , who the hell says "no means no"


This is a very common phrase. It's often said to children, and it's been used by, for example, feminists when raising awareness about rape culture. "No means no" means "no should be considered absolute the first time it's said, not 'I can be persuaded,' or 'ask me again' or 'do it anyway' or 'yes.'"


I have heard people saying it like that.


My mom say this to me all the time


But moooom... I want to let the deadly monster that could rip me to shreds D':


Duolingo explaining consent <3

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What does this mean?

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Thanks Croja07


What is the difference between "ikke" and "nei"


"(do) not" vs "no".

"Nei, ikke gjør det!"
"No, don't do it!"

"Nei takk, jeg drikker ikke kaffe."
"No thanks, I don't drink coffee."


For some reason every time I have to say this to the microphone, it gets counted as wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm pronouncing it right. I don't have this issue with any other things I say to the microphone. Is duolingo trying to tell me something?


I think the voice recognition software struggles when the same word appears twice in a sentence - especially so closely together.


My mic had a lot of trouble and I got about 1 out of 8 right, you might have the same problem. Now I simply click the "can't speak right now" button, until I'm using a different device.


Yeah, that's a reasonable solution :) though I don't use speaking exercises because I'm often just trying to go through the lessons as fast as possible if I'm somewhere I obviuosly can't speak


Does anyone else have the problem that the mic doesn't pick up the second "et nei"?


Yes, I have the same problem.


Yes and I cannot get passed it. Any tricks on how to get passed it so I can move on with my lesson?


The only way to "get passed it" is by muting yourself so you don't have to do the vocal exercises


Whatever I do it won't pick up 'et net'.


Is this a sentence on special stickers for russ?


I type one is a no. why is this wrong?


The translation is "A no is a no". "Et" is "a", "nei" is "no", "er" is "is". It translates word for word. It's what you would say when a negotiation has ended but the other party does not realize that it has ended.


I think my answer is correct. A no it is a no


No. That would be a translation of "Et nei, det er et nei. "


So this has been a problem for at least 10 months and it's not fixed yet? Maybe remove the sentence so I'm not forced to turn my mic off whenever it shows up in practice? It doesn't matter how slowly I speak, the thing just doesn't recognize the second "et nei".


Et nei er et net, I have tried it a thousend times and its still not taking my answer as correct. What do i do.


I am in the same boat. Did you ever figure it out?


Unsklyd! No matter how loud, enunciated, slowly, or quickly... this question is not hearing the second "et nei"! Ironic, I guess "no means no" in the context of getting this question right.


"I mean, I like to swing, but Dr. No means no, baby!"


so nei is feminine?


"Nei" would appear to be neuter since "et" is the neuter article.


Why doesn't "no and again no" work?


Because that means "nei og igjen nei" while "et nei er et nei" means "a no is a no"


Subtle political commentary


Political? I was thinking more along the lines of "attempted rape".

"No means no, guy! Back off!"

That kind of thing. XD

[deactivated user]

    He was saying that it was political, because "no means no" is a political slogan against rape. I'd say a silly one because they know they are bad people.


    That's a political slogan? Where, though? I've never heard it before. I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, I've just never heard it. O.o

    [deactivated user]

      In America feminists and some other people used it as a chant a few times. Which, once more, I think is silly because there's nobody out there who was like, "I was gonna pin down a stranger and ruin their lives for my brief amusement, but I heard a loud chick on my college campus say I have to respect the word no."


      I think you're right in that 'No means no' is never going to stop someone who already wants to commit a crime, but it can be used in a more educational way. Not many people who are already in the mindset that they would commit rape will take much from the lesson, but a child/teenager learning the boundaries of consent might. So I agree that it is not as useful in reforming rapists, but it could help in preventing some rapes (Say where two people are getting passionate, but one partner decides they don't want to go further. Learning to accept that first no is very important, even if it might have seemed like your partner was into it a second ago.)

      [deactivated user]

        kiwivimt: I wish you were right, but I have found that rarely can such a thing work. We have a national mindset that it is bad, and I think that alone is an amazing thing that some places don't have.


        Well, right, but that is political. To borrow from feminism, "the personal is political." I can understand why "political" has such a negative connotation, but it shouldn't.


        I don't get why you got so many downvotes.

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