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A few useful language learning resources.

I thought I would share some resources that I've found useful in my quest to learn Spanish - some of which apply to other languages.

The first is a series of free audio lessons for Spanish, I've just finished the first course and highly recommend you check them out : http://www.languagetransfer.org/html/downloads.html They also offer a series for Spanish speakers learning English.

The next is a site called italki. This is a site where you can organise language lessons and/or swaps over Skype. There are two ways you can use the site; 1. Free - trade time e.g 15mins of each native language. 2. Pay for lessons with an actual teacher. I've used the paid lessons and they clarified things that I didn't get from Duolingo.

My referral link - I'll get a few lessons free if you buy credits. : http://www.italki.com/iv/T010841736

Verbling : https://www.verbling.com/ This is chat roulette for language learning.

Practica Espanol - They offer the news in Spanish, unique feature is that you can filter by difficulty. http://www.practicaespanol.com/es/nivel_a/tag-ent/2/

January 24, 2013



Half of my favorites bar is language learning resources. Allow me to share some as well.

Virtual Flashcards http://www.memrise.com http://www.memorize.com

Music http://www.lyricstraining.com

Writing Practice http://www.lang-8.com http://www.fixoodle.com

Articles http://www.nulu.com (only has Spanish so far, I think French is next.)


Memrise is awesome.


It is. And they just introduced some new courses including Hacking Spanish, Hacking French, Hacking German, etc. and I like the course 100 Most Popular Spanish Verbs.

I think Memrise and Duolingo make a great team up of Vocabulary + Grammar.


Nulu looks awesome. I'd never heard of it before. Thanks!


I need a language program for a visually impaired person that focuses on speech. He has english and wants to improve his spanish. he can only see one letter at a time on the monitor, so reading is VERY slow and too frustrating.

any suggestions welcome (and I´ll check out the above links too)


You can try Pimsleur. Their course is audio focused. It starts at $10 for the most basic package. I hear a lot about that program though I haven't used it myself. You can try a demonstration online at their site: http://www.pimsleur.com/ I have tried the demo and found Pimsleur wasn't for me personally but a lot of people have good things to say about it.

A mainly audio course (but also has a book with pictures) is Speak In A Week (Spanish). You can get week 1 for $10 or the full four week set for about $40. My mom used it to learn Spanish while I used it to brush up and we both highly recommend it! And nevermind about the $40, I just found it here: http://www.bookbyte.com/textbooks/speak-in-a-week!-spanish-complete!/9781591253198-1591253195?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=search&gclid=cp6hnumuh7ucfstgmgodpriawa for about $20. That's a steal!

http://radiolingua.com/shows/spanish/one-minute-spanish/ One minute is a pretty good program. I used it to learn some Irish Gaelic.


Definitely check out the language transfer audio course I linked in my original post.

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