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"Mae gwddw tost gyda Ceri Lingo."

Translation:Ceri Lingo has a sore throat.

May 1, 2016



You can also say gwddwg or gwddf aswell to say throat.

  • 1975

Thanks for the comment, I hadn't heard of 'gwddwg' before, that's been added.


Why is gyda used here rather than ar? Does the rule set out in the notes, namely that ar is used when speaking of ailments, not apply to the word tost?

  • 1975

I've just updated the notes.

General illness, such as a cold or a temperature, use the construction 'on me'

eg Mae annwyd arna i = I have a cold (lit:- There is a cold on me)

More specific, localised pains use 'have'

eg. Mae pen tost gyda fi = I have a headache.


You have illnesses/pains like headaches, i can see the structure of using 'tost' there since its an infused word. Surely there's just a word for ache on its own. If you were to say your leg aches would there be a different phrase?

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