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  5. "Co chcesz mi powiedzieć?"

"Co chcesz mi powiedzieć?"

Translation:What do you want to tell me?

May 1, 2016



How would "What do you want me to say" look?


Literally "Co chcesz, żebym powiedział(a)", I guess.

"Co mam powiedzieć" (more like "What am I supposed to say") seems more probable to me.


I wrote "what do you want me to tell (you)", obviously this is wrong. This mistake with pronouns and words such as coś happens when its placement is wrong. How do I resolve this situation?


I am not exactly sure what you're asking about, could you rephrase?

I can surely say that sentences like "What do you want me to tell you" are a bit more complicated in Polish, technically the direct translation would be something like "Co chcesz, żebym ci [powiedział/powiedziała]?" (male/female form in brackets dependent on my gender, but the most likely thing to say would probably be "Co mam ci powiedzieć?" - but that's more like "What am I supposed to tell you?".


why isn't 'say to me' accepted?


It is, it should have worked.

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