"Co chcesz mi powiedzieć?"

Translation:What do you want to tell me?

May 1, 2016

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i do not understand why we use the perfective in this sentence


The imperfective has two intepretations:

1) Do something repeatedly. (What do you want to tell me several times?)
2) Do something over a longer period with focus on the process. (What do you want to be telling me?)

It makes more sense to interpret this as "What information do you want to successfully convey to me?".


How would "What do you want me to say" look?


Literally "Co chcesz, żebym powiedział(a)", I guess.

"Co mam powiedzieć" (more like "What am I supposed to say") seems more probable to me.


I wrote "what do you want me to tell (you)", obviously this is wrong. This mistake with pronouns and words such as coś happens when its placement is wrong. How do I resolve this situation?


I am not exactly sure what you're asking about, could you rephrase?

I can surely say that sentences like "What do you want me to tell you" are a bit more complicated in Polish, technically the direct translation would be something like "Co chcesz, żebym ci [powiedział/powiedziała]?" (male/female form in brackets dependent on my gender, but the most likely thing to say would probably be "Co mam ci powiedzieć?" - but that's more like "What am I supposed to tell you?".


why isn't 'say to me' accepted?


It is, it should have worked.

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