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"They buy not only computers but also telephones."

Translation:Họ mua không những máy tính mà còn điện thoại.

May 1, 2016



Why you need a những for computers but not for telephones?


Những goes together with không. It is required for not only... but.


"họ không những mua những máy tính mà còn những điện thoại" why is this sentence wrong?


Because you forgot to use classifiers.


I actually used cai and những for both objects, and got it wrong. It seems that they only want the những that is paired with không for "not only" in this sentence


so if I use plurals I must use classifiers but if I don't use plurals I can omit them?


"if I use plurals I must use classifiers" - you're right.
E.g: Những quả cam (oranges), not Những cam; Những quyển sách (books), not Những sách.

"if I don't use plurals I can omit them" - it depends on the context.
1. If you want to talk about a specific thing, you should use the classifier (nearly like the way you use "the" in English).
E.g: Tôi muốn con mèo = I want the cat (this cat is a specific cat).
2. If you want to talk about a thing in general (1) or there is already a possessive adjective for that noun and the quantity of that noun is one (2), you can omit the classifier.
E.g: (1) Things in general: Mèo có bốn chân = Con mèo có bốn chân = Cats have four legs.
(2) Bạn có muốn mèo của tôi không? = Bạn có muốn con mèo của tôi không? = Do you want my cat? (Note that there is just one cat)


Missing classifiers are not the only issue here. If you put 'không những' before the verb then after 'mà còn' you must repeat the verb.

So correctly: Họ không những mua (những cái) máy tính mà còn mua (những cái) điện thoại.


Why sometimes i only used máy tính and điện thoại they gave me wrong, but now i use cái máy tính and cái điện thoại they give me wrong??


so why is muy before khong nhung but yet in the other sentences the verb comes after khong nhung? like co ay khong nhung hat, bla bla bla? Im a little confused about this


In this sentence, it is talking about computers and telephones, not the verb; thus, they place không những after the verb. In the other, it is talking about the verbs, so that is why they place không những before


I do not understand why I cannot put cai or chiec before dien thoai. I am marked wrong if I do. And why is there no plurality to this sentence?


Same question re plurality... why no những for computers?


When do you need the verb in the aecond part of the sentence and when do you not? In this case, I put "mua điện thoại" but that was wrong. In another question, I left out the verb in the second part of the sentence "biết tiếng Anh" and was marked wrong then too. Is there a reason?


OMG! Do you know how many sentences I've been marked wrong for not having the "cai" before the may tinh and the dien thoai?!? SPECIFICALLY before those two!!! And now I got marked wrong FOR having them, when the rest of the sentence was exactly the same. You can't win with the Duo Vietnamese course, I swear!!


họ mua không chỉ những cái máy tính mà còn những cái điện thoại

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