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  5. "I am answering the question."

"I am answering the question."

Translation:Odpowiadam na pytanie.

May 1, 2016



Why is the na necessary?


Because "odpowiadać" is an intransitive verb and connects with Dative (for indirect object) and "na" + Accusative.

Look at "składnia" (syntax): https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/odpowiada%C4%87.


Not related to just this question but. After I have correctly answered a translation question I'd like to be able to replay the whole sentence to check pronouncation. Is it possible to add this feature. I fibd I can read polish much better than speak it, and listening while reading certainly helps.


That is not something we can do, if you'd like to suggest a feature you should create a post in the "Duolingo" subforum :)


@Jellei Do you mean the page https://forum.duolingo.com/ ? If not, please can you add a "Duolingo subforum" weblink to your post?


I meant this one: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/1 - the Duolingo discussions.


na + acc? I've got all the na usages written down from wiki. I don't see this particular application.


Well, it's hard to list all the usages of a preposition, especially given the fact how prepositions differ between languages...

We could say that from Wiktionary, it's "(+ accusative) for, to deal with" - even if English uses 'to', and not 'for'. Anyway, "odpowiadać na" definitely takes Accusative.

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